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Staying out of the shade…


In February 2012 aged just 13 months old Eddison was diagnosed with a rare and incurable condition called XP (xeroderma pigmentosum). XP affects around 100 people in the UK and only 1000 worldwide.

This blog is created to highlight some of the issues faced by Eddison as a very young child with Xeroderma Pigmentosum (XP) and share the story of the Teddington Trust charity he inspired.

We look to share his experiences in the hope of raising awareness of this unique and challenging condition and document his family`s quest to ensure a life filled with fun, adventure and opportunity and not one of shade and limitation.

We hope you follow us all along this journey and enjoy our posts x

“The Teddington Trust is a family run registered charity. Teddington Trust (SCIO SCO45465) ”

2 thoughts on “About

  1. My Niece just turned 3 and she was diagnosed this year with the same thing.

    • Hi Angie, So sorry to hear about your Niece! I hope she is doing well and you are all starting to adapt to the huge changes. We would love to hear from you and your family so please keep in touch.
      Hopefully we can help each other by sharing tips and advice. If you have facebook you can join us there, just search Teddington Trust, or you can email us directly at support@teddingtontrust.com

      Thanks for your message x x x

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