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Celebrating People 2017– Teddington Trust New Years Honours

In 2016 we introduced our first ever New Years Honours, to acknowledge people who have contributed immensely to the work and services of our charity throughout the year, and who have gone above and beyond. It is our opportunity to say a special thank you to our supporters, without whom we could not deliver our projects.

The following, are people that have gone the extra mile to help us reach our charitable objectives in the last 12 months – here is our 2017 Honours Role Call.

New Years Honours List 2017

This year we want to acknowledge three individuals and a number of show-stopping teams.

First up, we are delighted to name Sue Myers in this years New Years Honours List.

sue2_jan2016Sue joined us over a year ago as a weekly volunteer in our Kent office, and she has been a highly valuable member of our team over the last year. Sue has helped us with administration tasks, packing up UV hats and gloves for patients and helped with planning local events. Sue also worked very hard on helping us create our latest fundraising book – DIG SOW GROW.

Sue has brought us many giggles and much fun on the Teddington Trust ‘Crazy Train’ and we would like to say a sincere and heartfelt thank you to Sue for her hard work and dedication. 

2016 was a BIG year for sporting achievements which brought in considerable funds to Teddington Trust. There are two stand out individuals who not only raised staggering sums but achieved quite incredible sporting feats, alongside raising awareness for TT and XP.


David Hamill has carried out a number of sponsored sporting events both individually and as part of a team over the years. This year David smashed the Berlin Marathon with a very admirable time and went on to raise an incredible £2447.33 with just this one event!

David has also helped us in other ways behind the scenes and been a constant supporter.

Thank you David for your continued love and support x 



Like David, Paul Wilson has been with us, supporting us since we started and he has done this by running various length events. 2016 saw Paul take on his biggest challenge yet, when he took on the incredible – and completed an Ultra Marathon raising over £1,100.

An amazing sporting achievement from our ‘running man’ hero, so our big thanks and love for your amazing support Paul.

This year was also all about teams and we were very honoured to have a number of dedicated men and women come together to create an amazing `Team Teddington` in several extreme events. This year, we have three special teams who raised significant awareness for XP, funds for Teddington Trust and achieved awe inspiring times.

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First up Team Ted Illuminator. This team, lead by Rebecca Stewart, comprised Hannah Gelati, Sean Fraser, Cara Gelati, Nikki Dayton, Imogen and Ken Pearce walked through the night over rough terrain, and raised a wonderful £1763.77!

An amazing effort everyone – thanks you xxx


Next up our Team Ted Run Balmoral, Ali and Mouse Aboyne, Lucina Rider, Emily Salvesen, Laura Voor de Poorte and Rebecca Shannan ran, again with Rebecca Stewart and collectively raised £3923.37!

Thank you to our Team Ted Run Balmoral! x x

The final Team who we want to acknowledge are our incredible Team Ted Caledonian Challenge! These guys smashed this event nighttime event and walked day and night across hostile, mountainous terrain to come home in a mind blowing time, bringing in an equally mind blowing sum of £4135.74

Thank you so very much to Hortec Ltd for putting together this awesome team of Graeme Anderson, Steven Davidson, Sam Parsons, lead by Wilbur Stewart.


As you can see – we truly have the most incredible supporters and it’s our honour to acknowledge each and every one of those named about in our New Years Honour List. What we do just is not possible without this sort of gumption, passion and support and we remain indebted and inspired by all who step up and help us.

So thank you – thank you -thank you!

If you would like to find out how you can get involved with us in the year ahead:


or contact us directly at support@teddingtontrust.com