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Happy 4th Birthday Eddison!

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Four years ago today our beautiful baby Eddison was born. After 6 years of us trying to conceive and four precious babies lost he was a true miracle baby, and after an “exciting” but speedy delivery he has finally here where he belonged, with us.

The minute he was born he looked at us with the biggest, dark twinkly eyes and I knew that minute that he would change our lives forever and was a very special soul.

Just by being around him every day he teaches us how to be tolerant and how to see things through his eyes and enjoy the simple sensory pleasures of life and how to enjoy life to the full in his beautifully openhearted way.

Our miracle baby has turned into a glorious one in a million boy and inspires us daily to achieve more for him and more for others.


Eddison 4.2

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It Seems Anything is Truly Possible When We Work Together!

The final sums are `nearly` all in. Just 13 sponsorship returns to come back, and already as it stands our 2014 Starlight Stomp Events North and South have raised a mind blowing £2,511.34!!

We could not have imaged when we opened the entry process for these events that in the end 120 children would sign up to Stomp for Teddington Trust and go on to raise such a awe inspiring sum, and so it is very difficult to put in words how much we appreciate the support for this Project – but here goes!

This is absolutely AMAZING and enough to provide the full set of Little Ted Books and Bears to 29 children, which, to put into perspective is enough to provide all of the children currently know to us with XP (aged 0-12 years) in Australia with this much needed Little Ted educational resource pack.

This sum, combined with our previous fundraising to date and the Guys & St Thomas Grant now mean that we have secured enough funds to send this gift of Little Ted to all the children know to us with XP in the following countries, United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, South Africa, Australia plus some individuals known to us in Egypt, Pakistan and the USA!

So, if you find yourself wondering as this new year starts, “what did I do to make a difference last year”, please feel rightly proud in knowing that you played a part in helping us achieve this amazing feat!

This week Canterbury Bears will commence the process of lovingly hand making our first batch of Little Ted bears, and next week Parkers Design and Print will fire up their press to start printing out the Little Ted book series; then the fun starts here as we box up and send out Little Ted to make his mark on the XP world as he finds his new home with these brilliant children!!

And in the meantime our hard work on fundraising doesn’t stop as we still need to work harder to reach our XP friends in France, USA and of course the many other children around the world with XP who are not yet known to us.

We will bring regular updates over the coming weeks as Project Little Ted reaches fever pitch, but for now, and wiith all we have, we say THANK YOU for your SUPPORT x