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Forty and Fabulous!

This weekend our Co-Founder and Treasurer Rebecca Stewart will celebrate her 40th Birthday. Cause for celebration indeed for the most fabulous 40 year old we know!!

b bigRebecca, born Rebecca Gelati on 24th October 1975, is the eldest of five siblings in our family and some would say is a natural born leader.

Having survived the various fashion phases of the 80`s and early 90`s (almost unscathed!), Rebecca left home at just 16 years of age to pursuit her passion of hair dressing.

This passion, for which she had a natural artistic flair, saw her work her way up to hold positions in some of Scotland’s top salons and even a stint coiffuring the hair of the rich and famous on the Island of Bermuda.

After a very snowy and romantic proposal she married her wonderful husband Wilbur in 1999 and together they enjoyed many years of travel, climbing, cycling and skiing before deciding it was time to build a nest and fill it.

This is perhaps one of Rebecca’s greatest achievements as she has built a wonderful home and filled it with three incredible and gorgeous children (who I am very lucky to call my nieces and nephew), Douglas, Grace and Iris. Meantime Rebecca supports Wilbur with their family Landscaping Business, a venture they started together.

AND, if that isn’t quite enough Rebecca is the Founder of Teddington Trust which we run together, and she dedicates a considerable amount of time, energy and creative input into helping us achieve our objectives for patients like my son Eddison, who are affected by the condition of Xeroderma Pigmentosum. A role which has affectingly become a full-time job for us both!

Rebecca is an absolute inspiration to me, and gives of herself so fully in everything she takes on, so I consider myself very lucky. Not only do I have the most wonderful big sister (by a stones throw) but I also get to work every day with my very best friend on a joint passion we care deeply about.

Rebecca is my absolute ‘go to girl’ for everything from a shoe quandary, to the emotional highs and lows of life, and we have shared and helped each other through every life event, hiccup and joy to date without exception.

Without the unwavering support of Rebecca during the uncertain months before Eddison’s diagnosis and the difficult months that followed it, undoubtably this time of our  lives would have been considerably more difficult for Andrew and I to navigate. She was the first text and call we made when Eddison was diagnosed on that day, when for a period of time the earth seemed to stand still, and while we were still reeling, within hours she had rallied and genned up on XP, written a list of what we would need and hatched a plan to make it all happen!

Without Rebecca, Eddison would not have his wonderful garden room and there would be no Teddington Trust.

In just 3 years, the work of Teddington Trust has made a considerable difference to many children with XP around the world and we are excited about the future and what we can create together; but for now, I hope you will join me in wishing my sister, best friend and the other half of the beating heart of Teddington Trust an utterly fabulous 40th Birthday!


Now, some of you will have shared in the last 3 days of shared snaps on our facebook page as we have given a glimpse of our birthday girl over the decades, but I did promise her that I would share some of the pain, so cue a bit of joint embarrassment for me and my ‘go to girl’ looking back on our past adventures together!!!