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Staying out of the shade…

Go Eddison Go!

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There are many things that in the aftermath of Eddison`s diagnosis we just assumed would be a complete no-no; and yet with every passing season our little action man grows in dexterity, tolerance and confidence and more and more no-no activities become yes-yes activities.

So when Eddison`s nursery first mentioned the words “nursery sports day” (words which just 6 months ago would have had us thinking “oh what a shame he will miss out”) our immediate thoughts were “this could be doable”

We had a chat with our little man about it and after her grasped that it wouldn’t be in the dark (much to his initial disappointment) and that we would make sure he could keep cool, he was well and truly on board.

Now; how to make it happen? The timing of the event would be key, to make sure that we could avoid him being out in the midday July sun, so the lovely ladies at nursery set a morning time of 10.30 which gave us the best chance of it being doable.

Next how to offer him shade and a place to get out of his protective clothing in safety if needed. Initial discussions were for him to be returned to the nursery between races, but this wasn’t going to make him feel included so in our mind just would not do.

After many discussions about how to achieve this, Auntie Becca came up with a brain wave! What about an old school canvas tent which was sure to block UV (surprisingly even UV tents/shelters don`t block enough UV for Eddison). Great idea, but who has a tent like that these days we mused. Of course – The SCOUTS!!

Immediately our favourite Scouts (The Shadoxhurst 1st Scouts) came to mind; a quick call later and Eddison`s sports day shelter was arranged.

So as the day approached we prepared Eddison for the excitement of the event ahead whilst preparing him for the possibility of a last minute bail out if temperatures were too high. It was looking very favourable as we got to the playing fields 1.5 hours before kickoff, and with a little help from Raife and Karen from the Nursery we pitched the tent.

Pitch the tend Tent

As if designed from above, as soon as the excited boys and girls trotted out a few clouds rolled over and a lovely summer breeze blew across the field, creating the most perfect `Ted friendly` weather.

Sports day smiles

It`s an understatement to say he was excited and like everything he does he threw himself into his races with maximum effort. More than that; he actually won his running race (which we can confirm with the benefit of a video replay and photo finish), which was a wonderful bonus to what was already a very special morning for us all.

Bean Bag Finish Line

The widest beaming smile on his face as he ran down the track and eagerly hopped about on the start line, made every bit of the hours of preparation and packing up more than worth it for our `can do` boy.

We could have burst with pride!

So we can well and truly say – SPORTS DAY – TICK √

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The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists – Safe Garden Project Update

Since The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists officially launched this initiative in the Spring, there has been much noted interest from varied individuals and corporate bodies, and so it was decided to extend the initial deadline until 1st August. This month an industry wide press release will be sent out promoting this project and work has been underway by the Institute to create a short online brief/awareness video to sit alongside their media release.

And so…with a little help from Eddison this short information video was created.


Teddington Trust feel extremely proud and privileged to have the opportunity to work in partnership on this exciting project with professionals from within the Institute and we look forward to the coming months as we start to get down to assemble a team and the start of some real work on this project.

But before we get down to work; I would personally like to thank Carl Mills MCIAT for his work on creating the video and to Eddison`s Auntie Rebecca who wrote the beautiful poem `Imagine` which is equally beautifully narrated by Eddison`s cousin Grace.  Thanks Guys x x x


We look forward to bringing you more updates soon.