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Staying out of the shade…


Beach Night

Last week Mummy and Daddy decided to make the most of a brief reprieve from the high winds and torrential rain, so threw some things in a bag and loaded me and baby Raife into the car for a surprise trip. We were breaking out of the house to have a very special family evening on the beach!

They managed to time it just right to pick up some fish and chips, get into a sheltered position in the dunes and fire up our glow sticks before the sun set and “Mrs Moon” showed up!

Here Comes Mrs Moon

Here Comes Mrs Moon…Nearly Time!!!

It was very blustery and we all giggled with baby Raife as he stumbled across the beach enjoying his first toddle on the sand. This was a first for me too; the first time I would be able to enjoy time on the beach without my protection; Mummy monitored the light levels with my light meter and we excitedly awaited “Zero Time”

It was very special and I was so excited to pull off my hat; but I think Mummy and Daddy, like me, didn`t realise what a sensory explosion it would be for me!!!

Time Zero Beach Picnic

Beach Picnic

I was desperate to go on a bear hunt in the dunes but I was a little overwhelmed with the sensation of the sea breeze and feeling of sand blowing on my face, and so I cuddled in very close to Mummy.

Eddison & Mummy

Me & Mummy

Mummy says “It`s hard for even us to appreciate what this must feel like when you have never been exposed in a wind or experienced the feeling of the wind catching your breath or sand against your skin and at 3 years old this was a first for him. So while we seek every avenue to expose Eddison to the sensory delights of the outside world I guess we also need to remember that sometimes things we take so for granted can seem very daunting and overwhelming for him when he is so used to being shielded from the elements. Treasured special times as we all learn and explore together”