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Staying out of the shade…


It`s been a busy week at home this week with lots of excitement and bustle about the build. I am very excited as I have a wonderful vantage point from my Peppa Pig deck chair looking out onto the site, and this is what I saw from my room with a view this week:

Sunday: Daddy and our Neighbours, father and son team Richard and Josh moved the shed to make way for my new Indoor Garden. It looked very heavy but they did a very good job and I helped Mummy make them some bacon sandwiches as their reward when they finished. (although due to his very sore tonsillitis poor Richard couldn’t manage any – what dedication).

Monday:  Today started with a visit from some Builders who are coming to do some works on the site, after a few minutes of looking down a big hole they all seemed happy as did Mummy and off they went;

Wednesday: Mummy has been very busy working on lots some drawings and talking to people on the phone to finalise the design ahead of works starting so everyone knows what my room will look like and what it`s going to be made of. Lesley and Trevor came for a visit today. Raife and I got to play with Lesley while Trevor and Daddy connected some external power ready for the Builders to use;

Thursday: Mummy met with the Structural Engineer today, to work out some details about my room including how best to have flexibility for hanging swings etc. Grandad is going to make some fittings so I can hang my swings, seesaw and hammock anywhere I want. Clever Grandad! The Builders  I saw on Monday returned and spent a little longer looking down the hole before connecting some pipes.

Saturday: Trevor, Lesley and Mummy had a very early start as they met some more people on site at 7.30am! Raife and I were still in our pajamas! Mummy says we now have someone to dig some deep holes for the foundations and someone to build some of the walls. I am especially excited about seeing the hole digging!

Trevor spend A LOT of time on his phone this week co-ordinating the various Builders and Suppliers, I think we must be keeping him very busy. I don`t think he will have any time for Lesley’s jobs this week!

So preparation works have gone very well this week, we even have our first materials arriving, and I am very excited to see what next week brings as the digger rolls in and we officially start Operation Ready for Teddy!

Mummy and Daddy  we would like to thank the following for their involvement in getting things `project ready`this week!

 Adam Sims at Energy Compliance Ltd (Energy Assessor)

Ashley and Jake at DNA Property Services (Drainage Works); and of course

Trevor, Lesley, Richard and Josh x x x x 

Hmmm, just checking over the drawings and working out where my slide is going!

Hmmm, just checking over the drawings and working out where my slide is going!

Job one - Done

Job one – Done

Surplus wall ties generously donated to our build

Surplus wall ties generously donated to our build

Daddy, Richard and Josh more the shed in readiness for the works which I watch on

Daddy, Richard and Josh move the shed in readiness for the works while I watch on



Operation `Ready for Teddy` goes Live!

Less than 4 weeks ago we met with two lovely ladies from the Kingsnorth Medical Practice, Patient Participation Group. After spending a lovely morning with Lesley and Penny, who were busy planning a fundraising coffee morning for the Teddington Trust,  we felt very lucky to have two new friends who we felt sure we would see again. Little could we have known what impact this meeting would have and less than a week later the most incredible chain of events was set in motion.

Lesley did indeed come back to see us again, and this time she brought her wonderful husband Trevor with her. Armed with a note pad and pen he set about explaining to us a proposition he wanted us to consider. Having discussed our meeting with Lesley and Penny, Trevor along with them felt that they would very much like to be involved in our story. They had felt our disappointment following the cancellation of our black tie event which had meant that work on Eddison`s Garden had to be postponed till next year and they vowed to help us get things back on track.

But no, not an offer of a fundraiser or sponsored event. Trevor, who is himself retired, offered, without any obligation or expectation his services to take on the Project Management of the build and to undertake the mission of pulling together a crack team of tradesmen, suppliers and volunteers from the local community to come together and help us realise the dream of Eddison`s Indoor Garden!

Of course our initial thoughts were of shock and the question: why? To which this incredible couple gave us a simple answer; that they themselves had both experienced serious life changing episodes of ill health, through which they had been very lucky to receive lots of support, and they were pleased to have a way in which they could give something back. A true and pure act of generosity of spirit from someone who understands how life can at times throw the most curious curve-balls.

And so, from these initial discussions only a few weeks ago the most audacious community project was born!

So while Trevor and Lesley work tirelessly in the background to assemble the ever growing team of contributors, supporters, tradesmen and volunteers we await the….4th July – unbelievably, the planned start on site date!!!

While we know there will be hiccups along the way what this team of committed individuals are trying to achieve for us is so special and demonstrates all that is good about living in a community like ours. This group of people are going to work with us to realise the dream that us and all of you, our  trusty Team Ted fundraisers have worked so hard over the last 18 months to make possible.

So whatever the outcome, one thing is for sure, this summer is going to be one to remember for us all!

Stay tuned for more updates as the story unfolds and Operation Ready for Teddy gets underway…