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Brick by Brick – Supporting Teddington Trust

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We never know what calls and emails will come into our office, and recently we had one of our oddest to date! We were kindly being donated a LARGE quantity of LEGO compatible COBI bricks to use to raise funds for our work!

Now, all we had to do, was get our thinking caps on, to work out how we could use this for best return for the charity to help with our vital patient support and projects.

After much debate and brain storming, one of our close friends stepped in to offer assistance. Katrin has taken on the challenge to turn these bricks into fun novel items for sale, plus separating to sell as loose bulk bricks.

We also have a VERY special ONE OF A KIND, professionally built Sculpture which is available to buy as a stand alone item

See below links to the auction items and happy bidding!


Lego head.jpg



Lego table.jpg




Lego planters.jpghttp://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Kids-garden-planters-made-from-lego-compatible-building-bricks-/322459670730?hash=item4b141818ca:g:DYsAAOSwSlBY0YmF


You can view a full list of all auction items via this link, which includes bulk packs of individual bricks:


If you would like something you cant see, you can discuss your requirements with us directly support@teddingtontrust.com or everett.richard@sky.com

30% of all profits will be donated directly to Teddington Trust, allowing for time and storage costs.

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