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Jeans for Genes supporting Xeroderma Pigmentosum

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Jeans for Genes Award Teddington Trust a grant for children with Xeroderma Pigmentosum

TEDDINGTON TRUST are delighted to announce that  we have been awarded a grant from Genetic Disorders UK, the national charity that organises the annual fundraising day, Jeans for Genes Day.

This generous donation will come from funds raised on the day and will be used to fund a special Project Breakaway – Activity Day for children and their families affected by Xeroderma Pigmentosum

“The condition of XP can be an extremely isolating one, and this grant will enable us to bring families together to enjoy activities as a group in a fun and safe way, building friendships, confidence and making wonderful memories” . Nicola Miller, Teddington Trust


Xeroderma Pigmentosum is a rare genetic disorder that is characterised by the body’s inability to repair the damage to skin that is caused by ultraviolet light from the sun and most sources of artificial light. Children with xeroderma pigmentosum are 10,000 times more likely to develop skin cancer than the general population and so they must be covered completely at all times when they are outside.

Genetic Disorders UK’s Jeans for Genes Day is an annual fundraising event when school children and office workers wear their jeans in exchange for a donation to the charity. Although individually genetic disorders are rare, together they affect 1 in 25 children. This means that more than 30,000 babies each year are born in the UK with a genetic condition. Sadly, genetic disorders and their associated health problems mean that they are the biggest cause of death of children aged 14 years and under. Funds from Jeans for Genes Day are granted to specialised charities to provide care and support for children affected by genetic disorders.

Caroline Harding, the CEO of Genetic Disorders UK said: “We are delighted to be helping TEDDINGTON TRUST support children with the rare and complex condition of Xeroderma Pigmentosum. Our grant programme is open to all UK support groups and registered charities who work to improve the lives of children and families affected by genetic disorders.”

  • Jeans for Genes Day raises money for Genetic Disorders UK, a charity that provides much needed advice and support for individuals and families affected by genetic disorders. jeansforgenes.org
  • Jeans for Genes Day is an annual fundraising event held in September. School children and office workers are encouraged to wear their jeans for the day in exchange for donation. jeansforgenesday.org
  • Genetic disorders are caused by an alteration in DNA. This may mean that either a gene or several genes are missing, repeated or in the wrong order. Altered genes can affect a child’s senses, movement, ability to learn or appearance.
  • TEDDINGTON TRUST is a Jeans for Genes Day 2017 grant charity. They will receive a grant towards provision of a children’s breakaway/activity day.

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