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Little Ted goes to…Brookham School

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In January this year our Teddington Trust team were very privileged to be able to visit with the children and staff of Brookham Pre-Prep and Nursery School in Surrey for a fun filled Little Ted Day.

Having chosen us as their Charity of The Year for 2015/16 academic year, Brookham were among the first schools to invest in our Little Ted goes to school…educational resource pack and join our #BearsforRare campaign.

We started the day with our Little Ted assembly where we introduced the children to the work of Teddington Trust, the really tricky to say, condition of Xeroderma Pigmentosum and of course our own Little Ted.

In addition to having the chance to meet the children, who were nursery and primary age it was a wonderful opportunity for us to work with the children using their new Little Ted goes to school… pack.

After assembly our team split up to spend time with the Year 1 intake, who were tasked with coming up with some wonderful designs for a new protective hat for Little Ted. Children had to consider some of the difficulties they had heard about in the assembly such as vision, ventilation, and hearing issues all while maintaining UV protection and of course with consideration to colour and style!

Next Year R took part in the `Little Ted Challenge`. Children joined in on a number of activities wearing the same essential protective equipment that children with XP have to wear. This included some basic tasks like tying their shoe lace, having a drink and picking up objects, then onto playing ball and exercising. The children then reported how it felt doing the tasks and gave some very insightful comments about what it might be like to have XP.

Year 3 tackled poetry and adventure story writing with great enthusiasm. Half worked on a sunscreen poem, that was to be adapted by Brookham as their very own official sun safe motto. The other half used their wonderful Little Ted story cards to create their own adventure stories. Pupils had to consider character traits, establishing a problem, solving the problem and a suitable ending. Our team were all very impressed by the fantastic work that both groups produced. Definitely some budding poets and authors of the future in Brookham Year 3!

A quick break for lunch and it was time for Year 2 and character design. Illustrator, Michael Howdon part of the Teddington Trust team for the day helped children consider different types of character profiles and how to portray these in their drawings. The children then had to think about and design their own character considering it’s unique traits and whether a force for good or evil and depict these in drawn form, using what they had learnt from Michael.  There was a wonderful mix of characters, drawings styles and some amazing and imaginative superpowers!

We ended the afternoon with a little visit to say hello to the nursery children and had a lovely time reading them our Little Ted story and introducing them all to Little Ted where he received lots of nice cuddles.

Across each of the exercises we were super impressed with the quality of work and wanted to take time to review and acknowledge some of the stand out pieces of work from the day.

We hope you will enjoy the following samples of work from the children.

Literacy – Little Ted Story:

George for his space and football adventure which showed a really considered understanding of Little Teds needs, while still being fun and full of adventure with a surprise plot twist at the end!

In recognition of his great work, we mocked this up into a little book cover and story for George to enjoy.

Brookham_Adventure on planet Cristo

Brookham Adventure on planet Cristo


Arthur,  for his sailing adventure in which Little Ted has to think about advice from his doctor to make sure he stays safe while enjoying his fun day out with Baby Roo and his friends.


Literacy – Little Ted/Sun Safe Poem:

Poppy, for a wonderful poem that really captures the important messages of keeping safe in the sun at school and out and about.

Brookham Sun Care Poem

Brookham Sun Care Poem

Creative Arts – Character Design:

The following children where all identified as having created a unique character whilst incorporating the brief from Illustrator Michael Howdon and represent a mix of good and evil characters:

Hugo, for his space robot Zero, with magic powers and wings as a force for good,

Monty, for his evil winged character with robot evil bee accomplices,

Poppy, for her high jumping rabbit with magic carrot,

Stewart, for his evil Venom Bonus with dynamite and fangs, and

Daisy for her SuperMouse with cape, lasso tail and magic keys.

Technology – UV Protective Hat Design

Finn: For his consideration of the key comfort issues which are addresses in his design;

Amelie: For her creative design and consideration of user comfort


Our team enjoyed an absolutely wonderful day with the with the children of Brookham School, and we would like to thank all  staff and children  for taking part so enthusiastically in our Little Ted goes to school… day. 



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