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Meet the Team: Denise Doms

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Since attainment of our registered charity status last month we have been doing lots of work in the background to reflect our status and future direction and over the coming month you will be seeing lots of changes and improvements which we hope will be really useful and welcome.

One very big change is that now as a registered charity we have a Board of Trustees and so we thought it would be nice to take the opportunity to formally introduce you to our Board and core Teddington Trust Team over the coming weeks!

Today we wanted to introduce our newest member of Team Ted – Denise Doms
Meet Denise Doms (Teddington Trust Trustee)


When we heard the news that this lady was to retire, we wasted no time in snapping her up, and we are so thrilled to have Denise Doms on our Board as our very own secret weapon. Many of you who follow our blogs will have heard this name before and will know what a wonderful ambassador Denise has been for Eddison and our family, and how passionately she has championed Eddison’s needs and been so influential in securing his mainstream nursery and school placements along with the necessary funding and adaptation work and supplementary services, and so we feel very privileged that at the time when this very hard working lady is starting her retirement she agreed to join us on our crazy TT journey!

About Denise:

“My name is Denise Doms: I am very recently retired, after having worked in education across Kent since I qualified as a teacher in 1974. 

From 1974 until 2001 I worked in East Kent, firstly as a full time primary school teacher and then, after my daughter was born, as a supply teacher across the primary and lower secondary ages. Once my daughter was safely settled at secondary school I returned to full time teaching and I was quickly promoted to the school’s SMT and to the role of SENCo – where I discovered a real passion for working with class teachers to ensure that the most vulnerable pupils were always fully included in all of the activities that school had to offer. 

In 2001 I moved into Central Services, working firstly as an Early Years Additional Needs Teacher and then for 5 years until 2010 as an Early Years SENCo (a job I really loved), before in 2010 taking on what was to become probably my most demanding and challenging role – that of Specialist Teacher supporting pupils (and their families) from birth to 25, who have complex physical and medical disabilities, and who attend mainstream schools and settings.  

As a part of that role I supported Eddison into nursery, through the Statutory Assessment process and then into school.”

Denise has a wealth of experience in working with children and families affected by some of the most complex physical conditions out there, and has current expertise in supporting and guiding families who are entering and transitioning through the school process. 

In addition to providing us with a much valued sounding board, Denise will allow us to strengthen the support we can provide to families going through the minefield of the education system, as well as offering us her extensive knowledge on statutory obligations and Equality Law which will make us more effective in our campaigning for improved access to Rights for XP patients.

I hope you will join us in saying “Welcome Aboard Denise”, and if any families do have any concerns about current or future schooling issues, or want any practical support with the EHC Plans/Statement process please do get in touch and we will field your inquiry directly to Denise for her guidance.

All queries F.A.O Denise to support@teddingtontrust.com


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