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Access all Areas!?


We had a real joy this afternoon when we took the boys to a soft play center that I really wanted to share with everyone.

Both boys often ask about finding soft play and unfortunately our local one isn’t safe so they have mostly missed out on this. Having trialed various venues further afield we finally found one that we could make work. Not without compromise though; it means that Eddison has to stay within a certain area within the footprint and not go beyond the 1st deck of 4 deck play structures. Great though this is, it does unfortunately mean that he can`t access any of the entrances to the various great slides, and when faced with the option of putting his hat and gloves on to ride the slides he always declines.

Sensing his disappointment and watching him keep glimpsing up, I thought I would take an opportunity to speak with the Manager to see if they might be receptive to considering a future change of light bulbs. After asking to speak with the Manager he promptly appeared and after giving him a brief summary of the position and without any hesitation he immediately offered “would it help if I just turn them off”!! And just like that it was done, and within minutes, the confines of his invisible barriers were lifted and it was access all areas. Furthermore, he muted that a possible change to safe LED bulbs may be in line with planned changes.

I can assure you that every slide, tunnel, and inch of cargo netting was scaled including the joy of doing rollie-pollies across the sky top astroturf football pitch!

So I would like to say a MASSIVE THANKS to Kidzplanet Folkestone, who with one simple gesture, made one, NO, two little boys VERY HAPPY!!




2 thoughts on “Access all Areas!?

  1. I’ve always said that ‘inclusion’ has very little to do with environments because they can nearly always be changed – it’s about attitude and that man’s can do approach and positive and all embracing attitude just confirms my belief – brilliant!

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