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Happy 4th Birthday Eddison!

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Four years ago today our beautiful baby Eddison was born. After 6 years of us trying to conceive and four precious babies lost he was a true miracle baby, and after an “exciting” but speedy delivery he has finally here where he belonged, with us.

The minute he was born he looked at us with the biggest, dark twinkly eyes and I knew that minute that he would change our lives forever and was a very special soul.

Just by being around him every day he teaches us how to be tolerant and how to see things through his eyes and enjoy the simple sensory pleasures of life and how to enjoy life to the full in his beautifully openhearted way.

Our miracle baby has turned into a glorious one in a million boy and inspires us daily to achieve more for him and more for others.


Eddison 4.2


One thought on “Happy 4th Birthday Eddison!

  1. Happy Birthday Eddison – it’s little boys like you and lovely families like yours that make having my job the absolute pleasure and privilege that it is xxxx

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