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Eddison to Stomp his way to Providing Educational Books for Children with XP

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There are many people we have found inspiration from in terms of physical achievement and proving just what the human body is capable of. I think of explorer Ranulph Fiennes for one, being the first to reach both poles, successfully scaling Everest and running an epic 7 marathons around the world in just 7 days to name a few of his achievements!

We saw Comedian Eddie Izzard complete an unbelievable 43 marathons in 51 days, and more recently fellow Comedian John Bishop who cycled, rowed and ran 290 miles in 5 days.

And so, in this spirit of adventure and expedition Eddison and Raife are about to embark on their own record breaking challenge!

2 Starlight Stomps in just 7 days at opposing ends of the country!

Yes, you read that right! Fresh from completing their first planned Starlight Stomp in Kingsnorth, Kent on Sunday 16th November they will recharge, pack up their glow sticks (and no doubt assorted cuddly toys) and travel the 600 miles to Scotland for the most fleeting of visit where they will once again don their wellington boots and join in with cousins Douglas, Grace and Iris and the children of Aberdeenshire in Starlight Stomp – Scotland on Sunday 23rd November.

If you would like to sponsor Eddison and Raife or the near 100 children who will be taking part in our Stomp events across the country this month please visit our website to donate online:


Starlight Stomp_Where your money goes 1

We would also like to give a big shout out to Alex Webb (aged 20) who like Eddison has XP and will be part of the BBC One Show Rickshaw Team this year, who will be cycling 450 miles in 8 days in aid of Children in Need. You can find out more about his own inspirational journey this month at the following link.



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