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Tick Tock – We`ve Changed the Clocks!

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Ahhh, what a lovely, lovely night, and what happy hearts we all woke with this morning!!


Andrew and I would like to say a most sincere thank you to our friends and neighbours who made Eddison`s Clock Changing Celebration Party a truly wonderful night. We put one very tired and happy boy to bed last night!


Both Eddison and Raife had the best time and it was just so special for us to see them sharing this time with so many good friends.

Of course Eddison and Raife spend a lot of time together playing outside in the dark late at night, but It is always extra special when the clocks change and it suddenly becomes possible for their friends to join them too for some play before bedtime.

Thank you to everyone who came and made it such a fun filled night x x x


(The boys are just raking up the 5 bags of leaves now – what fun though. Thanks to Jade and Charlie for filling so many bags for us, it was a real highlight for Eddison)




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