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Staying out of the shade…

Nursery blues; for Mummy that is!

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After a day out on the Teddington Trust stall it`s back home to get organised for Eddison returning to Nursery tomorrow after the summer break.

So like Mums the land over I am busy labeling uniform and kit, making up his pack lunch and getting his bits and bobs looked out, but I also have some other bits to do.

1.  His UV clothing has all been washed and treated (with UV wash in treatment);

2.  A new Visor has been cut and fixed to his hat;

3.  His`Eddison` bag had to be sorted and packed, which includes just a few little essential…

  •      spare hat;
  •      spare film;
  •      spare gloves
  •      change of clothes;
  •      UV poncho; (in case of an emergency evacuation without time to dress in his protective clothing)
  •      Urine bottle (in case he had to go to the toilet outside or in unsafe premises in event of evacuation)
  •      Medical Letter with overview of condition and Consultant details (in case he needed medical treatment);
  •      Bag with sun cream, lip block, hair band (to stop the cream getting in his hair);
  •      Anti-fog cleaning solution and cloth (to clean visor);
  •      Sunglasses; and
  •      UV meter.

teds bag Teds bag 2

I am absolutely thrilled he will be trotting off to nursery again tomorrow, as he just LOVES it and had a wonderful two terms there pre-summer, and after 6 weeks at home it will be wonderful for him to get back to is term time activities and his 3 days at nursery, but on the other hand,  I suddenly feel as nervous as I did on his first day back in April at the thought of handing over his care to others again!

Its difficult for anyone to wave off their precious child to nursery or school, but for us the anxiety is heightened by the constant fear of risks to him while not in our care. We are blessed he has such a wonderful supporting nursery and staff and the very special Support Worker Sue who looks after Eddison while there, but it is still very hard to let go and relinquish his care for those few hours.

Mixed feelings at bedtime for Mummy tonight!!



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