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Staying out of the shade…

Its the Season…

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The significance of today wont have passed by any family with XP, because it means one thing! We have survived the summer and with a change of season; Autumn means the cooler weather is on it`s way!!

For us it also means that there is only one week until all of the boys term time activities and Eddison`s nursery starts again. Which means after 6 weeks of high temperatures keeping us in and none of our regular indoor activities running, they will soon be back at RugbyTots, Athletics, Swimming and more.

All things considered we have faired pretty well over these difficult months, thanks to implementation of our “Summer Survival Strategy” to keep the boys active and us all sane!

So here is how we have done it:

1. We booked out our local village hall (which is treated with UV blocking film) every week so that the boys and some of their friends could have  a couple of hours running about, playing soft ball football and riding their bikes and cars;

2. Family staggered visits through August to help keep us occupied indoors and give us all some company, and regular visits from friends which was a blessing and lots of fun was had by all (including some very special late night after dark treats);

3. We had a weekly themed play session with the wonderful `Lady Dawn` which included, Dinosaur Week, Outer Space, Knights and Dragons and the Wild West! (more on that to follow soon on our next blog!);

4. Regular trips to the cinema and swimming; and

5. LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of very late night after dark trips, to the Park, Beach, and just out right fun in the garden.

And above all, what as made this tolerable has been being in the VERY privileged position of being able to enjoy Eddison`s Indoor Garden this summer. This area has allowed us to swing, slide, hop, bounce, picnic, camp out and just lay looking up at the clouds when the temperature has kept us in, and it is beyond words how much this has helped us through!

With a week to go before we get back out and about we are just starting to show signs of cabin fever as we all get a bit grumpy, and I can see the boys appetite is reduced and sleep more disturbed. I have even found myself parking as far as I can from the supermarket, just to get the walk to stretch my own legs!

We have packed in every last bit of outside time we can over the summer, and have managed park trips, afternoons in the paddling pool, cycling, castle visits and trips to the farm; but even with all that, I think we can probably say that our time outside during the day in the last 2 months probably hasn’t exceeded 48 hours of time, so its fair to say that despite having more than survived and having had a wonderful summer we are all very much looking forward to AUTUMN x x

Ted in Grass

This song has been our favourite family car song over the summer and seems so appropriate “there`s a reason for the warm sweet nights, there`s a reason for the candle light” ….Tis true…”Its the season”

Hope you all enjoy!




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