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Little Ted Book Project – BREAKING NEWS!


After months of preparation our fundraising Bake, Make Do book was ready for sale at the end of June, and we wasted no time in hitting the shops, summer fetes, dog shows and streets to sell, sell, sell!

In addition to our core Team Ted working to the max, our small army of supporters have also jumped on board and helped man stalls as well as direct selling to their friends, family and colleagues.

Sports DayCushnie PicnicDog show

Sarah at Daisy Elephant was kept very busy in June and July processing internet sales and we now have copies of our books available to buy in numerous shops a list which is growing. And we have LOVED seeing the great pics of you all enjoying your copy x

Hana Eddison eating sprinkles Clare

Orrels Charlie Daisy

And so after a frantic two months we thought it was time we did a quick check on how we are doing….Drum roll please! …………………

To date we have raised a staggering £2526.17 and climbing!

Which means, after deducting the cost of our illustrator, printing and projected postage costs we now have enough funds in place to be able to send out a FREE complete set of our Little Ted children`s series to 130 children with XP around the world.

The complete series will be produced within two bound books and will comprise six individual Little Ted adventures covering topics such as starting at nursery/school, attending an XP clinic, going on holiday, being a sibling and just being Little Ted.

The books are currently being beautifully illustrated by Michael Howdon and we are aiming to have them printed and ready for distribution in early December 2014.

So if you know someone with a child aged 12 years and under who has XP please share this, and get in touch with your details so we can make sure you are on the list for distribution. We also want to hear from Support Groups internationally who can help us reach as many children as possible.

We are continuing with our Bake, Make, Do sales to help reach as many families as possible and for resources for their schools and nurseries, so please if you haven’t yet supported this project, go to the following link and buy your copy of this fundraising craft book now. All proceeds will go towards the Little Ted Project.




We are now under development; creating a Little Ted (teddy bear) complete with UV protective clothing and UV reactive feature to be used as an educational tool for young children and to be played with and enjoyed along-side the stories. So our next phase is to attempt the very ambitious target of raising enough funds to be able to send a Little Ted out to each and every child along with the book. Stay tuned for details of this new campaign!




2 thoughts on “Little Ted Book Project – BREAKING NEWS!

  1. Nicola you are amazing – you do everything with such style and cope brilliantly with everything life throws at you. I am constantly in awe of you and all you achieve. You are most definitely a ‘special needs mum’ (even though I HATE that term) who of the 3 described by SNJ is ‘giving it all you’ve got’!

  2. Thanks Denise, that is so kind! I cant take all the credit though, its a real team effort with my sister Rebecca, and it takes a lot of additional effort and energy from other family, and a lot of friends like you who help us achieve what we aim for. x x

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