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Staying out of the shade…

Summer Solstice

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21st June, the Summer Solstice: To many this signifies the start of the summer season, bbq`s, beach parties, summer holidays, long afternoons in the garden with friends and neighbours, picnics, lazy river walks and strawberries and cream at Wimbledon; to us it means two things:

1. Soon the days will get too hot for us to enjoy any time outside in daylight and the feeling of the clock ticking as we try and get as much time outside as we can before our summer hibernation starts; but on the plus side…

2. We have reached the longest day! Which means although it seems the opposite, the tide has ever so subtly turned and with a little bit of patience it will be back in our favour again soon as the nights start to draw in again, and believe it or not…Autumn is just around the corner again!

So as the heat turns up, we have started to seek out all things shady in our attempt to still do as much as we can, and this week, straight after nursery we took the boys and headed to the woods, where we had the most wonderful afternoon enjoying a bug hunt and trekking for animal tracks.

Our Intrepid Explorers

Our Intrepid Explorers

Bugs  Making tracks Ted in a tree

Bug hunt Ted in the bag


Yes, that is Eddison sitting in the picnic basket, so he could enjoy taking his muddy boots off without having his feet exposed with just socks on! He is becoming very ingenious as solving his little challenges!

Ted in Grass

Enjoy the lovely weekend x x


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