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Sweet Dreams are Made of These


I know arguably it goes against all principles of good parenting, and would have TV nannies running screaming, but last night as I tucked Eddison into bed, he said “Mum; wake me up when it`s dark!”

I thought about it for about 2 seconds and couldn’t help but think it didn’t seem like an unreasonable request, so I agreed; and as any parent knows, a promise is a promise!

After a few trips outside to check the UV reading I tiptoed past sleeping Raife and plucked a sound asleep Eddison out of bed for a little night time adventure. After a short snuggle he was awake enough to get him dressed and he took great delight at popping on a `regular` sun hat, shorts and t-shirt.

Sun hat

As the last residue light lingered (zero UV though) the cloud formations were wonderful, so we all laid down on the deck with some cushions and snuggled together under a blanket while we watched the dinosaur clouds roll by and the night sky roll in.

It was a totally peaceful, silent evening with just the vibrant chatter of birds while we snuggled up enjoying the warm evening.

Daddy and Ted enjoying a sleepy snuggle as the night rolls in z z z

Daddy and Ted enjoying a sleepy snuggle as the night rolls in z z z


An utterly; heavenly and memorable evening for Mummy, Daddy & Eddison.

Looking forward to next year when Raife is a bit bigger and able to share in these special, stolen evenings!


6 thoughts on “Sweet Dreams are Made of These

  1. Crying. com!!!!!!! I think what you did was the absolute display of perfect parenting – providing your child with a precious memory 🙂 🙂

  2. With having a grandson with XP, I completely understand I am proud of you and the love you have shown to your son.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment Sylvia. You and I are both very lucky to have some wonderful boys in our lives; a constant reminder never to take any of the little joys in life for granted. x x

  3. What a lovely thing to do. Lynn

  4. Beautiful! Fabulous! Special times. Lucy x

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