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Keeping on Moving

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Due to Eddison`s lack off outside time and activity, we have to make a huge continuous effort to find a variety of ways to give him ample exercise and physical stimulation, to ensure we can keep his fitness in line with his peers and ensure development of his gross motor skills.

A big part of us being able to achieve this, is the provision of Eddison’s indoor garden where he has constant access to physical stimulation; and as if to prove this point, this weekend he mastered the unaided scale of his climbing wall (see facebook for video).

Another big part in this, has been an activity that he has done for nearly two years – RugbyTots.

Thanks to support from their Coach, Steve Creme, Eddison started attending not long after diagnosis. This indoor activity is run from a village hall, which Coach Steve prepares before his arrival by shutting the curtains and closing windows. This is the only place where on a weekly basis (term time) Eddison can run about in a large area in safety and he loves the opportunity to streak back and forth the hall while practicing scoring Tries and then practicing his throwing, catching and kicking. Its a really special class for us as it offers him freedom to express himself and feel stretched whilst enjoying the company of other boys his age.

Previously enjoying his turn as RugbyTots Player of the Week

Previously enjoying his turn as RugbyTots Player of the Week

So with all this combined; we were thrilled this week when he had a formal assessment by his physiotherapist and she reported “from what I observed, Eddison is right up there at the top with regard his gross motor skills!…”

Way to go Ted!!




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  1. Great news. Lynn xxxx

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