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Educating Eddison Part 2: Little Ted Book Project


Since Eddison`s first XP multi-disciplinary clinic in 2012 we have looked for ways to help educate Eddison in understanding his condition, and we immediately looked for age appropriate reading that might help us find the words to explain this. Unfortunately we found nothing that really helped, and so I started writing his own Little Ted story to help us introduce the concepts to him.

Eddison loved this, and really engaged with it so before long I started thinking of further additions to this and a small series of four short !Little Ted` stories in total have now been written.

Following positive feedback from the UK XP Clinic at St Thomas`s Hospital, London we have set ourselves a goal to provide a copy free of charge to all children affected by XP, for parents to use as part of their own toolkit in educating young XP patients and their siblings. These can also be used for peer education in schools and nurseries.

We have engaged with a local printing house that specialise in short run book titles and a local Illustrator who is currently working on bringing our Little Ted stories to life.

Based on known diagnosed cases we believe that for a little over £2,000 we can produce and distribute free of charge to all affected children of pre-and junior school age within the UK and Europe, and for around just over £3,000  we can look to reach the wider XP community worldwide.

If you would like to help fund this initiative and help us get to our fist £2,000 target please see our following link to donate online http://www.teddingtontrust.com/support-us  (please quote LITTLE TED under `special instructions/message`). All proceeds donated quoting this reference will go toward this book project, to fund development, printing and distribution costs.

If you aren`t able to make a donation but would still like to help, you can contribute a recipe or craft entry for our fundraising Friends of Teddington `Sunny Day` Craft and Cook Book. See events for details to follow soon.

In order to help us reach the affected children and families we would be delighted to here from any families with pre 11-12 year old children and XP Support Groups, Clinics and Communities online who can assist us with ensuring we reach all in our distribution. To note your interest please get in touch and we will notify you as soon as books are available.


2 thoughts on “Educating Eddison Part 2: Little Ted Book Project

  1. Sounds fantastic! You may want to look into publishing for Kindle, or just make PDFs available online as well, too.

  2. Thanks guys. We are planning pdfs which will be available onine to view or download. Haven`t looked into the Kindle option but will do – thanks

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