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The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologist – Social & Community Challenge

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Get Involved In This Special Project to Develop a UV Free Shelter for XP Patients

The Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologist (CIAT) is piloting the launch of its Social and Community Challenge. As part of the pilot, the Institute will be supporting Teddington Trust, the XP Support Group (UK) and the XP Clinic at St Thomas Hospital, London, to work on a very special project which will be launched in Spring 2014. http://www.ciat.org.uk

This pilot project will see the bringing together of building design and technology professionals with the goal of developing an `affordable` solution for a UV Free Shelter that could be adapted for application at home, nursery and within schools, allowing children with XP to be able to create their own `Indoor Garden` and benefit from the experiences of `outside` play.

 So this is how you can help and be involved.

Currently we are developing a brief to be promoted to CIAT members, which will comprise the scope within which members can focus their design solutions.  We want to make sure that to maximise the opportunity we seek help and views from around the world, from families affected by XP.

Please take a few minutes to consider the following questions:

  1. What would your TOP 5 criteria be? (wish list of key things to make this area meet your child`s needs):
  2. Minimum size to be functional:
  3. What activities would you like to use it for?:
  4. Where would you see this being applied (home garden, nursery, school etc.)?;
  5. Tell us anything about managing your child`s time outside and issues surrounding this that might help this meet your needs;
  6. Any additional comments.


If you would like to be involved in this project, in helping to define the brief please contact us for details. Teddington Trust, c/o: Nicola Miller.email: support@teddingtontrust.com

This is a real opportunity for individuals and families affected by Xeroderma Pigmentosum to work with professionals to create a design solution which will be disseminated to the XP community.


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