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Operation `Ready for Teddy` Blog 7 – The End was Firmly in Sight

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Since our last blog so much has changed: we have moved from Summer to Autumn and the end of British Summer time, which meant the start of early dark nights and now winter. All of which has brought about huge change for me and a new lease of life with lots more outside time, and of course the all important time outside after dark without the restrictions of my protective clothing.


And along side all of that the relentless work on site has pushed on with everyone driving to get my new Indoor Garden finished.

After a hiccup with an injured Plasterer, we soon found a replacement who came in the form of a family connection; Michael. Michael, it turns out is a bionic plasterer who definitely gets my joint award for the most hard working tradesman on site alongside Digger Man Paul, (which is a very tightly contended honour, as the dedication from all of our team has been incredible). And for some their only reward has been tea, the odd custard cream and my ever smiling face at the window!

 With long days, well into the night, and no breaks Michael soon turned the shell of grey blockwork walls into a more finished looking room.


Now, at this point, Mummy and Daddy decided that I had seen enough and that the new “No Peeking” rule would be put in place. As Mummy and Daddy wanted the rest of the works to be a surprise  I am going to have to hand over now to Mummy for the rest of the project update…so for the time being, its Ted signing out!..


…Ok, so as Eddison said we now had a plastered shell which meant it was time for a frantic flurry of activity to turn this space into what was to become a garden!

Over the next few weeks the large double glazed units were delivered from Pilkington Glass directly to Mirage Tint so that the UV filtering film could be fitted. These were then safely hand delivered by Ben at Mirage and after a nervous night under a blanket in our garden, were installed by Vince bringing us to the landmark position of being watertight!

Meanwhile the electrics were underway by Neil and Trevor, the weatherboarding went up finishing off the external envelope and external painting got underway.

Eddison`s Auntie Cara and Auntie Becky arrived for a flying visit to paint and second fix the weatherboarding, and gave us a huge amount of help starting to clear the site. In fact after about 4 hours of graft and 5 tip runs in the driving rain (including one by Lesley, who only popped round for a tea!) we were all ready for the rubble to be picked up. Even a minor incident of a broken toe didn’t deter us as we edged closer to the end.



Next Auntie Hannah arrived and lent me a hand with some special projects for the fit-out and the guys from Outdoorsy Living arrived armed with a van of wood. Within two days our vision for the space was a reality and our Pirate Ship was taking shape, finished off beautifully by the play equipment from Just Outdoor Toys, complete with portal, ships wheel, periscope, climbing wall, spiral slide.


Now time for painting. After MANY late nights into the small hours by us with much needed painting and banter reinforcement from Emma (Eddison`s friend Finlay`s Mum) and a surprise visit from Uncle Thomas and Auntie Emma the painting was nearly there. Kate appeared again to add some very special touches and braved the 3 meter scaffold tower to paint a sky on the pitched ceiling, complete with clouds and Eddison`s own sun. She also spent many a night creating 6 incredible boards to complete the sky, with fun images of birds, planes, rockets and more.

Carl from Medash Sign Writing came to site to supply and install an extract of a poem that means a lots to us; The Little Land by Rober Louis Stevenson – just seems to apt.


Dean Hatcher, who provided our site scaffolding and has assisted greatly throughout with contacts, arrived on site to add a very special further finishing touch. We provided him with a massive white washed 1.5m x 3m board and after a few hours in there on his own with headphones on, he emerged with a finished piece. A most incredible one off mural created with spray paint depicting Eddison and Raife with clever reference to their nicknames (Ted and Roo). What a wonderful, special piece that we will appreciate for many years to come by a very talented artist!


Digger Man Paul and Robin came back and along with Eddisons Daddy spent many days in the torrential rain reinstating the outside garden and creating a wonderful surface for Eddison`s Night Garden which means he can enjoy the garden after dark all throughout the autumn and winter.

 Then with another day of all hands to the deck with Eddison`s Daddy (Andrew), Uncle Thomas, Paul and Robin the inside grass was also laid.


Suddenly, the imaginable was here; after the final push Andrew and I shifting 25 x 25 kilo bags of sandpit sand and doing a deep clean, adding a few essentials like watering can, rake, spades etc; we stopped looked back and there it was…

The most incredible safe space every bit as we dreamed and so much more!!!

All there was to do was get a few hours sleep and look forward with great excitement to revealing it all to Eddison the next morning!




After a final whirlwind of work on site in the final weeks we owe huge thanks to the following:


Michael Rayson (Plasterer)

Martin – Dove Construction (Weather Boarding)

Vince (Glazier)

Mirage Tint (UV window film)

Neil Shorter (Electrics, site clearance and more!)

“Syd” – (For slide base works)

Pilkington Glass (All glazed units)

Adrian – AP Bourne Carpentry

Dean Hatcher (Mural Artwork)

Nigel, Ben & Crew – Outdoorsy Living (Insitu play structure)

Jane @ Just Outdoor Toys (Play equipment)

Paul Ingleton & Robin (Installing outdoor and indoor grass)

Mal Lyons – SynthiGreen UK Ltd (Indoor Grass)

Jonny – DIrect Artificial Grass (Night Garden – Grass)

Emma Bishop (Painting)

Kate Stevens (Artwork)

Uncle Thomas, Auntie Hannah, Auntie Cara, Auntie Becky (Many, many jobs and keeping us sane in the final weeks!)

Brad – Shadoxhurst Scout Master (Site reinstatement);

Travis Perkins – Materials


Super special thanks to Auntie Becca our Treasurer for keeping track of all funds coming in and going out and keeping us trucking, and of course to Project Manager Trevor, who turned electrician and builder to help with the final jobs!


 Mummy and Daddy`s Final Thoughts

 “very, very tired but very, very happy.

Words cannot express…”


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