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Operation `Ready for Teddy` Blog 4 – Lets Raise the Roof

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Week 6

After all the hard work by our volunteers to tidy the site, and collection of all the rubble and waste sacks, it was time to fill it back up again. So the end of last week saw a big flurry of activity of materials arriving on site.

With lots and Lots of wood and a big steel beam arriving, I was starting to wonder what was coming next. I didn’t have to wait for long before I had the answer, and now I think of it, it seems obvious – It was time for the ROOF!

With some evening preparation done mid week, early Saturday morning Bradley and Alex arrived and were off and running. Mummy and Daddy had to fashion up some safety measures inside to make sure that no light came in when our house roof was being disturbed. Hmm maybe a new method for drying Mummy`s washing!

Temporary Measures

Temporary Measures

By lunchtime the roof shape had started to emerge and by the end of a very long day, even after I was in bed the tired duo packed up their tools and headed home. I was amazed when I got up in the morning to see how much was done; and I hadn’t even had my breakfast when they were back again and busy measuring, cutting, banging and scurrying up and down the scaffolding.

New roof taking shape

New roof taking shape

Roof nearing completion as the sun goes down

Roof nearing completion as the sun goes down

With a only short break for some migraine tablets and to munch some bananas, they carried on until they were finished!

Alex Cooper and Bradley Sullivan work through the weekend to keep us on schedule

Alex Cooper and Bradley Sullivan work through the weekend to keep us on schedule

I was so inspired that I decided to try and make a roof for Baby Raife`s playpen. Unfortunately he didn`t share my vision and was less keen about the idea!

Hmm, flat roof of pitched baby Raife?
Hmm, flat roof of pitched baby Raife?

After an action packed weekend the week continued in the same way. Andy and my new friend Jordan (Andy`s son/our junior Brickie) were back on site and I got to spend a morning out working with them on site. After helping Jordan move and sort the wood off cuts we enjoyed our tea break with a lovely cuppa, lots of giggles and some custard creams.

Lending a hand

Lending a hand

Tea break

Tea break

Just like Andy - keeping the site clean!

Just like Andy – keeping the site clean!

It has been lots of fun having Jordan around and between his work on site he has popped in to play with me and Roo (Baby Raife), even making time to keep us entertained when it was too hot for me to come outside!  Mummy said she could even hear us laughing and shrieking outside when she was hanging up the washing! Its lots of fun playing with big boys, and I didn’t know that my ride on cars could go so fast until I met Jordan. Mummy and Daddy have been holding out on me, but now I know how to opening them up and feel the Gs!

Jordan keeps me and Roo entertained x

Jordan keeps me and Roo entertained x

It`s not just been me that`s working hard this week. Trevor has been very busy making calls and getting things ready for the next phase of works and Mummy and Daddy have been busy too.

My best friend Finlay`s Mum, Emma, popped over to lend a hand after my bedtime, and she, Mummy and Daddy got all the rafters painted in preparation for the roof tiles going on next week. Well, when I say all…that is all excluding the one Daddy missed – oops! Poor Emma was so nervous painting around Andy`s stone in case she got any spots of paint on it, and Mummy was so nervy she had to break out the Maltesers to help her keep a steady hand. Thankfully they managed without disaster, well except the splodge Daddy made – double oops! Think the signs of tiredness are starting to show!

Emma feeling the pressure!

Emma feeling the pressure!

Nice and steady!

Nice and steady!

The week ended with Mummy and Daddy having a meeting with a man about indoor play equipment. They are being very secretive about this as they want it all to be a surprise for me! I cant wait to see what fun things they manage to fit into my garden room.

Lots still to do so as always very excited about next week.

Project Managers Comment of the Week

“Support for the project continues with a free of charge donation of lifting trollies for the steel beam to attach Ted’s swing to.

A slight delay to starting roof tiling, will be on schedule by 25th August.

I will be handing over to Ted on 2nd September until 16th September will I take a holiday in Wales. I am sure he will keep the project on plan for a 30th Sept completion.

Roo (baby Raife) will takeover as assist Project Manager with special responsibilities for internal finishes!”


Special thanks this week to the following:

Bradley Sullivan (roof carpentry)
Alex Cooper (roof carpentry)
Andy Cooke APC Brickwork (block and stonework)
Jordan Cooke (Junior Brickie)
Neil Shorter (assistance with site clearance)
Travis Perkins (materials)
Thomas Lazenby `Lifting Safety` (beam trollies)
Peter Mealham, Mealham Metal Products (Steel roof beam)

A big thank you to Emma for coming out and enduring Daddy`s endless banter and still managing to keep her hand steady and doing such a good job with painting the rafters, and for resisting the temptation to paint a dinosaur on them.

Daddy`s Final Thoughts

“Another fantastic week of progress and an amazing effort by Bradley and Alex who have moved us on leaps and bounds and completely embraced the spirit of the project. Thanks guys. Its also been fantastic fun getting to know our Junior Brickie Jordan. All really excited to see the roof tiles go on!”


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