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Snood Tuesday

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It may be Shrove Tuesday but hence worth today will be known in our family as Snood Tuesday… 

It`s amazing how all Mother Nature`s subtle changes in the seasons have such importance to our household now. 

It`s been wonderful since the clocks went back, the ever earlier dark nights meant that after an early tea we could all go out to play for lots of fun time in the garden. Even on the coldest day we have been able to have so much fun in my night garden and my friend next door has even braved it so that she can keep me company on many a night. What fun we have had sliding, climbing and playing house……and oh the fun of hide and seek in the dark. Our Mummys find is especially hard, apparently toddlers are a bit tricky to find when we get into tiny little dark corners of the garden!! 

But sadly, the end of all this fun is in sight!!! The nights are starting to draw out at quite a rate now, and already over 1.5 hours has been knocked off our potential playtime before bed. Mummy says that when I am bigger I will be able to squeeze more time out of the season, but while I am still only a little boy my bedtime is important…..apparently I can only grow when I sleep……I am of course going to Google to check the validity of that statement one day but for the time being I will take her word for that!! 

It turns out though that Mummy and Daddy had a cunning plan up their sleeves in order that we can eek the last play opportunities out of the winter before the warm weather and light nights are upon us – A SNOOD (or full face balaclava) & GOGGLES!

 In seem out all the indoor games we have been playing with this funny hat has had a purpose, as today, after all Mummy and Daddy`s persistence I decided that actually I quite liked wearing it. 

Mummy and Daddy seized the moment and immediately threw me into my heavy duty snow suit, gloves and boots and before I knew it I was outside running around in the garden…….IN THE DAYLIGHT….just imagine that!!!!!


What`s really exciting is that it also means that I can now go outside in the snow. As my visor is open at the bottom it makes being in the snow more dangerous as we have the worry of the UV reflecting up off the white snow under my visor. The snood and goggles, means that my face is fully protected in the snow, so now all I have to do is wait for the next dump of heavy snow which is very exciting.

 There are of course a few down sides and limitations, one; Mummy and Daddy can`t see my smiling face (but today my giggles more than made up for that), and two; overheating makes this option unsuitable for the warmer weather or for any real length of time. 

So as winter comes to an end and spring is around the corner we are doing all we can to make the most of life outside and having fun at every chance we have.

Fingers crossed Mummy and Daddy have another plan up their sleeves for our next season change, keeping us one step ahead of Mother Nature.


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  1. Ingenius Mummy and Daddy xxxxxxx

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