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Boy Versus Ferret!

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Mummy and Daddy took me and Raife to a petting farm this week to see some animals and a funny thing happened…

After playing with the piglets and petting the bunnies and goats, Daddy and I spotted some ferrets, so I ran with Daddy to see them. The ferrets were all hiding in their house, but when they saw us one of them ran up to the cage and reached out to grab my glove, and quick as a flash it pulled my hand to the cage for a nibble!!

I was soooo brave and didnt even cry, but I did give out a little “ooouchyyyyy”!!!

Once Daddy wrestled me free from the ferrets grap, I could see he and Mummy were worried, and all Mummy wanted to do was pull my glove off and kiss my sore fingers better…and make sure that they were all still attached.

Hmmm, quite a quadary, at that moment; what was the greater threat, UV or ferret wound??

Having established by frantically wriggling my fingers, that they were still attached Mummy and Daddy found somewhere safe where I could take my gloves off and wash my hands. To all of our relief it turns out that all our furry friend left has a VERY tiny scratch.

Still it eared me a yummy slice of cake for being so brave so EDDISION 1 – FERRET 0




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