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Staying out of the shade…

Rainy Days and Mondays

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It has been a drab, grey and wet Monday here, but today we don`t mind as we are all still smiling after a truly magical evening last night.

As soon as night fell, I set off in my waterproofs, glow stick and head torch to pick up my buddy and neighbour, Zahra, before setting off to a nearby field to meet my friends for our much anticipated Night Hike. Mummy and Daddy were blown away to see how many people had turned out on a dark Sunday night to come along and join us. I wasn’t so surprised…what toddler wouldn’t want to play out in the dark with fun torches and glow sticks plus get to jump in lots of fresh, deep muddy puddles!

Mummy brought along my UV meter so she could check all the torches to make sure they were safe, while Daddy handed out glow sticks to all my friend and their Mummies and Daddies. He had to be very careful not to give the pink ones to the Daddies as it seemed they weren’t too keen on those ones….somehow Daddy ended up with a lilac one which didn’t amuse him much either!!

But once every, child, toddler, baby and adult was glowing, off we set with me leading the way with my brother Raife. Of course being only 14 weeks old, Mummy had to give him a bit of help, so she carried him in his papoose (some say it was cheating, but I guess we had to make allowances for the babies of the group!). The walk through the fields was so exciting and we glowed all the way with excited chitter chatter carrying along the path. More glow sticks illuminated our way through the gates and turnstiles (thanks Daddy) which made the route even more exciting.

It was amazing for me to do this walk at night without my gloves so I took full advantage and plunged my hands into every deep puddle and picked up lots of sticks..so much so that I soon ended up at the back of the group before too long, but I was determined that I would walk all the way, and walk it I did!! Just as we turned into the home straight I heard Zahra calling my name which gave me a final spurt of energy and we held hands as we walked the final stage across the church yard and into the church together.

When we all arrived at the church we were amazed, it looked so magical. All the lights had been turned off (as they are not UV safe lights) and some lovely ladies from the church had lit lots of candles and laid out hot chocolate and cakes. My new friend Noah came and gave me a yummy cake and drink, he is very kind and I must be a very cool boy having a big boy friend as he is really grown up…nearly 7! I really enjoyed the cakes as they had lots of scrummy icing which is my best bit!

I sat and chatted with my best friend Finlay, while we enjoyed our celebratory hot chocolate. We both managed to walk all the way to the amazement of our Daddies, and I think they were very proud of us!!

After a lovely evening all too soon it was time to say goodnight, so we all went our separate ways, home to bed for sweet dreams of our big moonlight adventure!


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