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Staying out of the shade…

In the Night Garden

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While we all are engrossed in fundraising, planning and preparation for Eddisons all important Indoor Garden; which, we dream to have in place before summer comes around again; an equally important and easier to achieve venture has been under way.

A Night Garden…

“Sat in a box gathering dust since it was given to me by my lovely Auntie Zoe, Daddy decided that while other Daddies were busy tidying up and packing away the garden toys and furniture, it was time for us to get ours out, and so he dusted off the box and erected my wendy house.

Then out to the garden Daddy headed and thanks to an early Christmas present from Nanny and Grandad he got busy building a fun climbing wall and slide to sit alongside my wendy house. With a few finishing touches by Mummy of some funky solar powered lights the garden is complete!!!

The twinkly and daisy lights make it magical and I have had lots of fun after tea with my friend next door running in and out of the house, climbing and sliding. I even have a light inside my house so I can turn it on when I go in; after all it is essential to have light when making imaginary tea and cake.

Even Nana popped in to say hello in my new house when she was visiting last week with Grandpa, and we all had lots of fun together in the garden. I can`t wait to have the rest of my friends over to play soon and for my cousins to see it in January when the all come to visit.

Daddy said I was a very good helper when he built the garden….but…..hmmm, but where did I put part A0167 (b)!!!


One thought on “In the Night Garden

  1. WOWZER…. This is amazing… x x x x so so so happy right now

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