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Staying out of the shade…

Educating Eddison

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Mummy says… 

“Having worked so hard to make Eddison comfortable and happy to wear his visor and protective clothing, we approached the winter months with mixed thoughts! The shear excitement of being able to allow him the freedom of outside play after dark mixed with the anxiety that would he then become confused.

Until the winter Eddison had fully grasped the concept that he must always wear his gloves and `hat` (aka visor) when going outside and in fact he would get it himself when he wanted to venture out, and should a glove start to slip off he was always prompt to alert us!!

So the challenge was how to introduce this new unprotected outside time without unravelling the daytime routine.

Thanks to a simple but ingenious idea from a friend of a friend and some patience and clever photography by Eddison`s Auntie Becky we came up with a very useful tool in helping with the transition.

Auntie Becky staged a simple setting outside and then took two photographs of the same setting, the only difference being that one she took in daylight the other she took at night. We then mounted this on the wall by the back door which has a view of the garden and hung two spate hooks below. The one below the daylight image has a bag with his cream, gloves and balaclava and his visor hung on it and the one below the night time image has a little torch for him hung on it.

This allows us to ask him to compare the image with the outside view and select what he needs.

So far so good……..!!!!

Every night we now enjoy outside time after dark and despite him thriving on the air and sensory aspects of this time, he so far remains as happy during the day to wear his clothing as he always has.

I am sure we will have many battles to come with it, but this simple tool has enabled us to educate Eddison in a fun and subtle way allowing us to make full advantage of the fun dark evenings.

Think he might be taking it too literally though….he is on occasion found standing by the back door in only his pants and boots with torch in hand eagerly awaiting me to open the door!!!!”


One thought on “Educating Eddison

  1. Clever clever auntie Becky.. xxx We heart you x x x x

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