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The Power of the Net!

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We blogged, You Saw, You Solved!!!

Mummy and Daddy say the internet is a wonderful thing and I think they might just be right!

Following our various blogs and facebook entries our trustee following have put their thinking caps on and come up with some great solutions to some of the challenges we face; here are just  few of them so far;

  • We asked for tips on removing suncream stains from clothes – You spoke, and we are trialing various suggestions now;
  • We blogged about our nightmare shoe shopping trip – A few shares and comments later and we now own a Clarks foot measure so we can measure at home and buy online (just so ideal and much less stressful!!);
  • Our guest blog mentioned difficulties with opening car windows and concerns over accidents – You told us about Medic Alert and we now have on order a harness strap which holds vital medical information and a wrist band for Eddison plus we have sought some suggested wording from the XP clinic for these which we will disseminate to others soon. We are also working on some wording for a sign for the car;
  • We asked for suggestions on swimming pools to test – You made suggestions and contacted us directly with further options, which led to us being given a weekly family swim session in a safe pool for 12 weeks and very recently finding a safe leisure centre pool for future use; both of which are just a fantastic result.

We cant tell you how much we appreciate your help with this and we look forward to more great suggestions in the coming weeks and months x x x


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