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Staying out of the shade…


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In a word, Saturday night was truly…MAGICAL!!

In order to celebate the clocks going back and to help with the adjusment Mummy and Daddy arranged a wonderful special night time play date with my friends.

All week before Mummy went out to check the UV readings to work out when would be safe and the night before when she got the final reading we contacted all my friends to let them know what time to come. Uncle Thomas and Auntie Emma have been visiting me and baby Raife this week, so Uncle Thomas helped Daddy get the garden ready and safe for nightitme antics while Auntie Emma helped Mummy make yummy biscuits and cakes.

While we eagerly awaited a zero UV reading all my friends arrived and Mummy gave us all fun bags with glow sticks and fun LED flashing ducks and goggley glasses. As soon as we got the all clear we all rushed out into the garden which was dark and looked magical with hanging glow sticks, a slide, ball pool and barrel of leaves with fun fashing toys and lights hidden inside.

After much fun and excitement Mummy took us through the garden for a secret picnic, where there was a wonderful pumpkin man and lanterns so we could see our treats which we enjoyed with warm hot chocolate.

We all had so much fun and I didnt want the night to end (literally, Mummy had to prise my fingers off the door to get me back inside!!)

I am looking forward to many more fun nights in the garden and hope to share many more of theses with my friends who all helped make it such a special night!

P.s. Cant wait for night snow!!


One thought on “SupercalifragilisticeXPialidocious!!!

  1. lovely entry xxxxxxxxx sounds bliss

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