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Staying out of the shade…

When the Sun Goes Down…

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A week till the clocks go back and already the nights are starting to draw in – Hurrah!!

This week Mummy and Daddy took me on a special trip with my Auntie Cara and Auntie Becky (who are visiting for a few days) for some after dark fun in the park. All afternoon Mummy and Daddy kept running outside to check the UV readings and when it got down to 20 we started to get ready. I had my suncream applied, put on my gloves, outside clothes and visor and we set off to the park, not wanting to waste a second of safe time outside. We all sat in the car and waited while Mummy stood outside with the UV meter.

The minute the meter got down to a zero reading Mummy gave us the all clear and we all jumped out of the car. Mummy and Daddy showed me the meter and explained that now that it was dark and at zero I was safe to take off my protection, so with great delight I whipped of my gloves and visor!! A huge smile came over me and I immediately bent to touch the ground. Then with great excitement we headed into the park, even baby Raife came along, although he slept through the whole evening. Babies eh!?

We all had glow sticks so we didn`t get lost in the park, and some fun illuminated ducks which we had great fun throwing around. I ran, chased, slid, climbed and swung! I think swinging was my favourite !!

Just before we set off home it started to rain! I was amazed and kept reaching out to catch the drops as this was the first time I have felt rain on my head and hands which I really enjoyed.

It was an absolutely magical evening and I am so glad I got to share it with my lovely Aunties who helped make it such a fantastic and fun evening.


One thought on “When the Sun Goes Down…

  1. OOOOOOOOOhhhh…..I am crying. This is a brilliant blog Nic… x x x xx my little heart is flying

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