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New Shoes…?

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Now that the lovely Autumn weather is here, Mummy and Daddy decided it was time we went shoe shopping for some new winter boots and to have my feet properly measured. I was very excited to get my new shoes…only it turned out it wasn’t as much fun as we thought it would be!!

Mummy went in ahead to check the shoe shop for lighting levels and the good news was that the children’s section was right at the back of the shop and away from the windows, the bad news was that the lighting over the seating and measuring area was unsafe. This meant that Mummy had to ask the Assistant to move to a corner area where the levels where at the lowest so that I could safely take off my shoes to have my feet measured. The Assistant agreed….reluctantly!!!!

It was a bit tricky for Mummy and Daddy to keep me within the small safe area as I was very excited and wanted to go exploring around the shop, and I didn’t really understand why I needed to keep my hat and gloves on when I was inside, I assumed Mummy had forgotten so I kept trying to be helpful by trying to take my protective clothing off!!! After Daddy employed his best distraction techniques (I like to give him the credit for his efforts – thank you Daddy) I managed to get my feet measured, unfortunately after all that they didn’t have anything suitable in my size!!

Mummy says she thinks internet shopping may just be the way ahead!!


One thought on “New Shoes…?

  1. Following this blog, Eddisons Auntie jumped on the case and hey presto, found out that you can buy a foot measuring tool from Clarkes!! So a few key strokes later and I have just bought one so we will be able to measure Eddisons feet in the comfort and safety of home and then order online. What a result!!!!

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